We empower patients and communities to accelerate therapy development in rare disease.

Help researchers get the information they need to advance development of new drug or gene therapies.


Our programs

These are some of the conditions currently open for patients and parents to sign up for. Please send us a message if you’re interested in participating and your condition of interest is not listed.

Making research

RDMD is on a mission to accelerate treatments for patients with a rare disease, affecting 1 in 10 people worldwide. Rare disease patients suffer from a lack of treatment options because a smaller patient group means fewer resources are devoted to the development of treatments. The main challenge is that pharma companies cannot get efficient access to the data needed to bring therapies to market. Patients, however, are highly motivated to contribute, as their lives are at stake and no other options are available. We work on behalf of patients to generate regulatory-grade clinical and molecular data in a central place.

By generating the data proactively–before the next phase of a clinical trial or even before a pharmaceutical program exists–we can de-risk and speed up the entire clinical trial process (currently the probability of success in orphan diseases is a mere 13.5%). Since we invest in the disease area itself, agnostic from any drug in particular, we can leverage the same data for multiple therapeutic candidates.

Brooke, CIDP patient

“I joined because RDMD does studies and research to help get other treatment options out for patients like myself.”

– Brooke, CIDP patient

Danielle, mother of an MMA patient

“[RDMD] could be the missing link to accelerate rare disease research.”

– Danielle, mother of an MMA patient

Lynn, IBM patient

“The goal is for researchers to have access to complete data packages for patients”

– Lynn, IBM patient

Randy, IBM patient

“RDMD gives us an opportunity to be more involved in a research program. RDMD allows the cross-reference of your medical records to do research.”

– Randy, IBM patient

Jill, mother of an NF2 patient

“RDMD is a support resource for rare disease patients”

– Jill, mother of an NF2 patient

Jess, mother of an NF1 patient

“I support RDMD because I care about advancements in the treatment of Neurofibromatosis (NF) and I care about providing the very best care that I can for my son.”

– Jess, mother of an NF1 patient

Hannah, NF1 patient

“RDMD streamlines all medical records for the patient and the doctor. This truly empowers patients, and their families, to know their medical history and to choose what they do with their health.”

– Hannah, NF1 patient

Our patient ambassadors

How we got started

Four years ago, I started experiencing hearing loss in my left ear. Doctors prescribed me steroids, thinking it was an infection, but the deterioration did not slow down. After numerous failed treatments, a specialist finally ordered an MRI, whereupon he discovered a large tumor on my left hearing nerve. Months later, another tumor was discovered in my right hearing nerve, and another on my spine. I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called NF2 (Neurofibromatosis Type 2), a disease that affects only 1 in 30,000 people. It completely changed my perspective.

All my life, I’ve been a technology entrepreneur, beginning with a tech company I started in high school. I’m now applying everything I’ve learned throughout my career to build RDMD, where we’re helping to accelerate treatments for patients with rare disease. Our mission is ambitious, but I can’t imagine working on anything more important than this.

– Onno

Our team

Onno Faber

Onno Faber

Founder, Chairman, and Head of Product

Nancy Yu

Nancy Yu

Co-founder and CEO

Leo Vandriel

Leo Vandriel

Head of Engineering

Charlene Fernandez

Charlene Fernandez

Patient Operations Lead

Brenda Simpson

Brenda Simpson

Clinical Abstraction Lead

Kristina Cotter, PhD

Kristina Cotter, PhD

Alliance Manager

Bernie Xie

Bernie Xie

Software Engineer

Julia Saykally

Julia Saykally

Clinical Information Associate

Dione Kobayashi, PhD

Dione Kobayashi, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Gregory Enns, MD

Gregory Enns, MD

Medical Advisor

Join our team

We are determined to build a strong company around our mission, and be able to invest in as many diseases as we can to generate better outcomes for patients. We work as a team, help each other to be the best version or ourselves, promote open communication, learn from our mistakes, and do good in the world.